Big Goose Sightings Database

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Sightings in Oregon

January 2013, Oregon

Submitted by: Zachary D. Spier Esq. Attorney at Law
What was seen, heard or found? I heard a noise behind me. It was a combination of flapping and honking. Very loud honking. But it was night, and the clouds were low. If the moon was out I certainly was not able to see it. Anyway. I was startled. By the noise, by the flapping. The honking was frightening. At least I think it was honking. Some kind of horn or possibly a Big Goose. The honking kept on honking until I stepped out of the road. There was also a smell, like of nature and the water.
When did this incident occur? January 5, 2013. Winter.
Where did it occur? This was in Cowlitz County, Washington. State Highway 411, one of the ones with the signs that have the George Washington Heads. Not sure the milepost. I was startled and terrified by the events that I witnessed. This was near the Columbia River but not on the bank or anything.
What was the environment like? I think I was on or near a road. There was ample farmland around. A bend in the Columbia river, close to that. There were some trees but I would not say a forest. There was not a beach on the river or any sign of a beaver or otterdam. Almost due west of Mount St. Helens, or maybe it was a fire in the hills that I saw. And I am not sure I was exactly west of it. I was startled at the time and could not quite get my bearings.
Who was present during the incident? I was the only one present but I think some cars might have been driving by.
Additional relevent info? When I awoke I found a very large and very odd feather. But then I lost it.

October 2011, Oregon

Submitted by: Jenny Davenport and Craig Hastings
What was seen, heard or found? We were looking for chanterelle mushrooms in Tillamook Forest and wandered off the small path. After looking at the ground for mushrooms, we realized that we had suddenly become disoriented and could not figure out the way back to the path. The forest suddenly seemed to shift and have the appearance of being the same in all directions. We set off in a direction we thought would lead us back to the path, but quickly realized that we were still lost. We began to panic and set off in a different direction when we heard a deep, slow, rustling sound as if a tank were moving through the forest. The rustling sound stopped suddenly and we felt a very cold, tingling sensation which caused us both to break out in goose bumps and freeze in our steps. We both looked up to see an enormous goose with glowing eyes towering above us. The creature looking extremely agitated and completely terrifying. We both immediately ran in the opposite direction and were fortunate to find the path just a few yards away. We ran all the way back to our car which was parked at the gravel road through the forest.
When did this incident occur? October, 2011.
Where did it occur? Tillamook State Forest in an area where chanterelles are known to grow.
What was the environment like? A heavily forested area. It was cold and damp. We could hear people riding ATVs and shooting guns in the distance.
Who was present during the incident? Me and Craig.

June 2002, Oregon

Submitted by: Kitty Parson
What was seen, heard or found? I was camping with my boyfriend Greg about eleven years ago up on Mount Hood up in a campground called The Devil's Halfacre. We both noticed right away how quiet it was up there... no bird song, no deer, nothing. It was one of our favorite places for the marshy wildflower meadow and the creek that runs through the campground, and there was usually a lot of wildlife like little birds, snakes, and frogs, but this time we saw nothing. We didn't think too much of it, though, and after a walk we set up camp, had dinner, and went to bed. Sometime in the middle of the night I was startled awake by the sound of something big crashing through the brush near our campsite, so I woke up Greg and he grabbed a flashlight. I don't think I've ever been so scared in my life... at first I thought it was a bear, and my boyfriend thought it was a herd of elk, but as it got closer we could hear the most unnerving sound I've ever heard in my life. I can't really describe it other than that it was like wheezing with a creaking undertone of trumpet, like the biggest bagpipes in the world letting their air out with a soft dissonant sigh. All the hairs on my whole body stood up, and that moment, hearing that sound, seemed to go on forever. Then Greg turned on the flashlight and reached for the tent zipper. I can't say exactly what happened next, except that everything went crazy. Something huge grabbed the top of the tent and just ripped it wide open, something huge and flapping and black. I saw a flash of white and one angry brown eye, and it... whatever it was... made a sound like a thousand angry trains bearing down a track. We bolted, somehow made it to the car and just got the hell out of there. We left all our camping gear and drove straight back to town, and I've never gone back since. I never will.
When did this incident occur? Early June 2002, in the middle of the night. It was the first or second Friday of the month.
Where did it occur? The Devil's Halfacre campground, Mt. Hood National Forest, Oregon.
What was the environment like? Old growth forest, mountainside, near an open marshy field and a creek. The only access is a very rocky dirt road.
Who was present during the incident? Me and my boyfriend Greg; we were sleeping immediately prior to the incident. There were no other witnesses, as the campground was uncharacteristically empty. I don't know if Greg wants to be associated with this at all so I'm withholding his last name; he refused to ever talk about it with me, and would get mad if I brought it up.

July 1998, Oregon

Submitted by: Tom Swanson
What was seen, heard or found? My family was camping and I wandered off from the camp just after sunset to look for some kindling for a fire. As I got a short distance away from camp, I felt an eerie, sudden silence which seemed to mute all nearby forest sounds. It felt as if I were suddenly in a dark vortex. My flashlight stopped working only seconds after I spotted a massive, terrifying goose head lunging toward me from above. I dropped the flashlight and ran as fast as I could in the opposite direction back toward the camp. As I ran back to the camp, I heard terrible rustling noises following me from behind which seemed to fade as I got closer to the camp. After arriving back at camp, I immediately packed up my family and we headed home.
When did this incident occur? July 23, 1998.
Where did it occur? This was outside the Elk Creek campground in Tillamook State Forest in Oregon.
What was the environment like? Near a ravine outside of the camp, probably about 300 yards from the camp. The forest was really thick and dark in the area.
Who was present during the incident? It was just me who saw it, but my family can verify how terrified I was when I returned to the camp after the encounter.

Sightings in Washington

August 2003?, Washington

Submitted by: Jim Magnuson
What was seen, heard or found? Back about ten years ago I was on a camping trip in Olympic National Park with some buddies. We had a few beers while we were sitting around the fire, OK maybe more than a few beers, because the folks in the next campsite asked us to keep it down. We decided we'd wander down to the river, can't remember which one it was, and finish our beers there, look at the moon, whatever. Well, we got down there and saw this huge shadow coming out of the water about 30 feet down. It was hard to make it out in the dark, but it was definitely some kind of animal with a real long neck, could of been 10 feet tall easy. It disappeared into the forest, the other direction from the campground. I do remember it made a lot of noise moving around. My buddy Ryan wanted to try to track it but we told him he was crazy and just went back. We were a little creeped out that night, but I didn't think much about it after that until I thought to mention it to my granddad, who used to be a hunting guide. Figured he'd probably seen it all. Anyways, he was pretty sure it was this giant goose that the Indians always said lived in the forest. So maybe it was Big Goose, or maybe it was just some guys with big imaginations who had one too many beers, but that's the story.
When did this incident occur? About ten years ago, think it was in August.
Where did it occur? Up in Olympic National Park, it's in Washington. There's a campground there on the Hoh River, pretty sure that was it.
What was the environment like? It's a real pretty forest area, real wild, though it's more cleared out in the campground of course. The river was pretty tame where we were.
Who was present during the incident? Me, my buddy Ryan Gilligan, and a guy Dennis I used to work at the water treatment plant with. I don't know if anyone at the other campsites saw anything, no one mentioned it.
Additional relevent info? I remember another thing my granddad said was that he knew some loggers who said they used to see the goose all the time down around Forks. All those guys are probably long gone, just thought you might want to know.

May 1986, Washington

Submitted by: Stella Waldvogel
What was seen, heard or found? A whooshing sound and very loud noises like trees snapping.
When did this incident occur? May, 1986.
Where did it occur? Outside Yakima, Washington. I'm not very familiar with the area, I was up there visiting and we went in the woods someplace to party.
What was the environment like? It was past some cherry orchards... a wooded area, I remember we had to walk a good way to get there. We passed some old railroad tracks and what looked like an abandoned hobo camp.
Who was present during the incident? Myself, Debbie Greene, Randy (her husband at the time), a big tall guy we used to call "Tiny", and three others whose names I don't recall anymore.
Additional relevent info? We ran like hell that night. We went back the next day and none of the trees were broken, but there were triangular footprints...they had to be seven feet long, Tiny laid across one and it was longer than he was tall (he's 6'6").

Sightings in Australia

Spring 2013, New South Wales, Australia

Submitted by: Emily Purcell
What was seen, heard or found? I heard loud noises while I was in a class and I went outside to find a big goose. It seemed aggressive but at the same time I just felt it wanted to be loved.
When did this incident occur? It was an Australian spring, late at night. Everyone else at the Uni had already gone home.
Where did it occur? The University of Wollongong.
What was the environment like? Duck pond lawn.
Who was present during the incident? No one else was with me.
Additional relevent info? I lost my water bottle.